What Leesa Evans does is aligns the essence of her clients with the clothes she dresses them in. That is what a good stylist does. Through color, fabric, texture and accessory she creates a symphonic truth that brings to the surface and demonstrates the aspects of your character that you want the world to see. The aspects that you want to see when you look in the mirror. Dressing should be simple and fun, not traumatic and time consuming, Leesa facilitates this and elevates a more confident facet of you to march out into the world and elegantly get what you want. So beyond looking good and feeling cool, you feel alive with the confidence that comes from knowing that your attire is a demonstration of the most beautiful aspect of who you are. That is what style is.

~ Russell Brand

If the clothes don’t look good on you, you’re made to feel like it’s your fault, like your body is wrong– Hollywood fittings and shopping in general. I realized I dress badly a lot of the time because I don’t want to be judged as a woman, so I sort of take myself out of the game. After my first fitting with Leesa it changed. Leesa wants the person to shine and the clothes to take a back seat, she doesn’t want you to go, “I love that outfit,” she wants you to go, “I look great.” I’ve never seen my body in that way before. Leesa’s attitude when I walked in and the clothes she had, it just completely changed the way I felt about clothes and everything. Now we’re going to be together for life, I’d like to be buried with her.”

~ Amy Schumer