Leesa’s Team

kelsey-championKelsey Champion
A popular mantra in the world of styling is that you have to love what you do. Styling is hard work, yes, but it also must be in your DNA. Kelsey Champion grew up in a big family on a farm in the small town of Kangaroo Valley, Australia before moving to L.A. two years ago. Perhaps these down home roots instilled in her an uncanny ability to connect with clients. “When I was young, mum said I always used to choose one thing on each of my teachers outfits that I liked. Then I would go to each one and compliment them on it.” Kelsey went on to study styling and visual merchandising from her stint at fashion school before transitioning to the study of psychology at university. While to many this would seem an odd transition, to her psychology “helped me better understand the emotional battle people go through everyday in getting dressed.” Which is probably why her connection to Leesa Evans has been such a natural fit. “Leesa really emphasizes the emotional part her clients go through. She made me realise that there is actually a place for people like me that fashion isn’t ALL consumer based!!!

Kelsey also understands the importance of personal well-being, using the art of coloring as a form of meditation when she’s at home. She also loves cooking “anything and everything,” along with reading or watching “anything that transports me to another world, especially science fiction and fantasy like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones.”  What’s Kelsey’s personal style, you might wonder? “I would say my style is a little Alexa Chung, a little Parian chic and a bit of Farrah Fawcett all mixed together.



rebecca-kahaneRebecca Kahane
Rebecca Kahane, our office manager, was born and raised in Los Angeles. She recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California with a degree in Communications and a minor in entrepreneurship. She fell in love with fashion on a study abroad program in London and that international fashion perspective really showed her that clothing can be used for expression and creativity. Although she spends most of her day working hard you can often find her listening to her favorite band the Beatles.